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Customer is responsible for unloading freight items from the delivery truck. Special delivery requests must be addressed prior to delivery and extra costs may be incurred for special delivery options.




Order directly from our website, or by calling

 630-678-9010 between 9AM & 3PM (Central-Time) Mon - Fri. 


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Branick Pressure Brake Bleeder
Model G300
Brake Bleeder

One-man diaphragm-type Brake Bleeder Kit for conventional and antilock brake systems. Includes 29G and 45G9 adapters.

(Order G300A for unit, less adapters.)

Large capacity reservoir (approx. 4 gallons) eliminates frequent refilling. Diaphragm keeps brake fluid and air separated. Includes combination quick coupler plus automatic fluid shut-off. Steel construction.

Click here for Application guide for the G300 Brake Bleeder and Adapters

Shipping wt. 25 lbs.




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Brake Bleeder Adapters Call 630-678-9010 
Model G304 $215.00 Delivered
Foreign Car Adapter Set
Includes:(1) 20, (2) 29G, (1) 22A, (1) 35G, (1) 19, (1) 17FF

Model G309 $259.00 Delivered
GM Adapter Set
Includes: (1) 39GC, (1) 36G

Model 17FF $47.00 Delivered
Small VW adapter (air)

Model 19 $49.00 Delivered
Large VW adapter (water)

Model 20 $74.00 Delivered
Dual bleeding attachment

Model 22A $49.00 Delivered
7 pc. expanding adapter set

Model 26G $47.00 Delivered
Ford ABS adapter fits some Fords

Model 29G $49.00 Delivered
3.25" diameter adapter


Model 35G $59.00 Delivered
Used with 22a adapter set


Model 36G $179.00 Delivered
GM dual reservoir adapter set

Model 39GC $95.00 Delivered
GM bypass adapter

Model 41G9 $95.00 Delivered
3.5" x 6.5" adapter

Model 42G $112.00 Delivered
3.75" x 7.75" adapter

Model 45G9 $89.00 Delivered
4.125" diameter adapter

Model 47G $89.00 Delivered
Chrysler set used with Model 20

Model 5500
Tire Repair Station

For Passenger & Truck Tires

If you're looking for a stable, reliable tire repair station, Branick has the answer. The 5500 has all the features you're looking for at an affordable price... but with the same quality that you expect from Branick.  


  • Tool Tray pivots to either side on machine
  • Tire spread control conveniently located on both sides of platform top
  • Foot controls for raising/lowering platform are located on both sides of the machine
  • Tire ramp retracts automatically when platform is raised

5-1/4" air cylinder lift platform using 

as little as 75 psi

Shipping wt. 435 lbs.



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Owners Manual LINK



Model 5120
Air Powered Tire Spreader

For Passenger & Truck Tires

Spreads passenger, truck and bus tires for inspection or repair. Foot control valve conveniently located at base of machine. Adjustable light. Convenient tool tray can be mounted on either side of the tire spreader. Spread hooks adjust with spring-loaded pins.

Shipping wt. 150 lbs



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Model L/R/eF
Air Powered Tire Spreader w/Tire Lift
For Passenger & Truck Tires

Handles passenger and truck tires from 13" thru 24" rim diameter.
Tubeless truck tires from 16.5" thru 24.5"
rim diameter.

Shipping wt. 245 lbs





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Branick Tire Tool Station
Model 2400
Tire Tool Station

With Branick's Tire Tool Station, everything can be at your fingertips. Torque-Sockets, Valve Stem Pullers, Hubcap Tools; you name it. Dual station design provides access for two technicians.

Shipping wt. 55 lbs

Tools shown not included.
3/8" I.D. x 25' recoil airlines are included.




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Digital AirHead BK4 21″ Hose  $156.00 Delivered

branick_model-bk4.jpg (78966 bytes) 

Digital AirHead BK4 is the ultimate in hand-held inflators. Inflate and deflate without ever leaving the valve stem. The compact size makes it easy to handle and store. It has a large backlit display that is easily visible in both bright and dim light. The aluminum body has a rubber protector, making it suitable for rough shop environments. The BK4 Digital AirHead is certified and calibrated to +/- 2 psi. Comes with a 21″ hose and twin-angled chuck.










8610 6,000 lb (Rotary Kit)          
8620 6,000 lb. (JBC/FMC Kit)   
8630 6,000 lb. (Hunter Kit)         
8640 6,000 lb. (Wheeltronics) 
8710 7,000 lb. (Rotary Kit) 
8910 9,000 lb. (Rotary Kit)  
8920 9,000 lb. (JBC/FMC Kit)  
8930 9,000 lb. (Hunter Kit) 
8940 9,000 lb. (Wheeltronics)


Branick Rolling Jack
6000 lb., 7000 lb. & 9000 lb. Rolling Jack
Branick's heavy duty Air/Hydraulic Rolling Jack with telescoping mounting brackets fits many of the most popular lifts. Choose the appropriate Branick Jack model to replace the original equipment jack. Consult the Branick Jack Application Guide for the most current offerings. Available in 6,000 lb., 7,000 lb. and 9,000 lb. capacities.

Shipping wt. 350 lbs*
Drive- over clearance.3.5"*
Min. air pressure........80 psi
Max air pressure........120 psi

*drive-over clearance and shipping weight may vary slightly due to the particular application

Optional Extension Adapters
Total Height 7.5"
Order MODEL 800





2230 Truck Tire Inflation Cage 2230

Branick 3 bar Truck Tire Inflation Cage

Handles tires up thru 11.00 - 22. (47" diameter)

Inside Dimensions
Length: 19.50"
Width: 21.75"
Height: 50.00"

Free Shipping wt. 100 lbs


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2130 Pass/Lite-Truck Tire Inflation Cage   2130

 Branick 3 bar Van / Light Truck Inflation Cage

Ideally suited for the "no pressure" type tires. (37" diameter)

Inside Dimensions
Length: 19.50"
Width: 21.75"
Height: 37.00"
Free Shipping wt. 100 lbs.

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2240 Four Bar Truck Tire Inflation Cage

Model 2240
4 Bar Truck Inflation Cage
Handles tires up thru 12.00 - 24. (50" diameter)

Inside Dimensions
Length: 27.75"
Width: 21.75"
Height: 50.00"

Free Shipping wt. 141 lbs

Call for Quote





2250 Five Bar Truck Tire Inflation Cage

Model 2250
5 Bar Truck Inflation Cage
Handles tires up thru 12.00 - 24. (50" diameter)

Inside Dimensions
Length: 36.00"
Width: 21.75"
Height: 50.00"

Free Shipping wt. 167 lbs

$650.00 Delivered

Call to Purchase 


                      Model 2260

6 Bar Heavy Duty Inflation Cage

Tires up thru 14.00 - 24. (54" diameter).

Inside Dimensions
Length: 40.75"
Width: 29.50"
Height: 54.00"


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Model 5045 manual Tire Spreader  

The Branick 5045 Tire Spreader is the solution for your Low-Pro and Wide-Base tire customers! This versatile spreader features a new design that is beyond efficient. The high-impact industrial light is mounted on a flexible arm making it easier for inspection and repair. It uses a CFL bulb that is RMA compliant, meaning our bulbs emit a minimum of 200 foot candles, which the RMA requires for proper tire repairs. The popular quick saw-tooth adjustments and the zinc plated rollers make this model a perfect mix of new technology and old comfort. Made in the U.S.A. at Branick's manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND!


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Branick Tire Cart
Model TC
Tire Cart
Maneuverable... even with a full load of tires!

Foot-operated lever adjusts arms to handle 12" rim diameter thru 35" outside diameter truck tires. Unique design lets you stack tires close together to get maximum use of storage space. Branick Tire Carts feature a gas spring that automatically closes the arms that grip the tires. All you have to do is push down on the pedal, slide the cart into the stack of tires, and release the pedal. Arms close to 24", and open to 35".

Shipping wt. 92 lbs

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"Delivered" = Free Shipping!


Branick Strut Service Tools
The "Standard of the Industry"
Branick has been supplying Strut service tools for over 30 years! With that kind of experience we can supply the best equipment to handle the wide variety of suspension systems.

Model 7400
Strut Spring Compressor
The 7400 can handle the heaviest coil-over-shocks, the Ford F-150 and even the Toyota RAV-4 without need for additional adaptors. Extra long springs? Bring 'em on! Long, short, narrow or angled, the 7400 will easily do the job! And we're listening too... We've opened up the front of the 7400 for easier access and added longer handles for extra torque.
Optional bench mount Model 741 and mobile cart Model 744 are also available.

Shipping wt. 95 lbs


Price $800.00 Delivered


Call To Place Order 630-678-9010


Model 741
Bench Mount

The Bench Mount kit allows you to conveniently mount your 7400 to a work bench.

Shipping wt. 15 lbs

Price $98.00 Delivered




Model 744
Mobile Cart 
Allows full mobility and a sturdy stand for the 7400. Shown with Model 7400 mounted to the Model 744 Mobile Cart.

Shipping wt. 155 lbs



Price $359.00 Delivered




Model MNW-594
GM-10 ("W"-Car) Tool Set
Used to remove and replace the strut cartridge through the body shock tower.

Shipping wt. 4 lbs

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Order directly from our website, or by calling 


Between 9AM & 5PM (Central-Time) Mon - Fri.  If you happen to get the "phone lines are busy message" please leave your phone number, as well as a detailed message and we'll call you back with the information you requested ASAP.



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