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All The Equipment We Sell Is Brand New With A Factory Warranty!

Samson Pump and Reel Repair Kits LINK

CLICK here for Samson Hose Reels

Note: Pay by Check and receive a 2% Card Processing Fee Discount!

CALL 630-678-9010 and Mail Check to address at this LINK



Workhorse Oil Pump For Any Size Shop! 

Pumps From Tanks 

Or Barrels

Professional Duty 3:1 Oil Pump

Quiet Operation! 


Call 630-678-9010 For Quote



Model 353120 / 200


PumpMaster 2

3:1 Ratio Pump


8 G.P.M. - 2" Air motor piston - 4" Stroke


2 Year Warranty Link 

Ideal for use in oil distribution systems which include pipe lines, hose reels and meters. For portable and stationary systems, for all types of oils and gear oils.

Highly efficient and reliable, very low noise level, low air consumption.

Patent double action pump design assures even flow of fluid - only three parts in the air motor - quick and easy maintenance.

Precision corrosion resistant parts made from high alloy materials, quality seals.

Heavy duty, distortion free pump tubes.

PumpMaster 2,  

3:1 Ratio stub pump only with 2" Bung Bushing Adapter. 


Outlet: 3/4" NPT(F). Inlet:3/4"NPT(F), Air: 1/4"NPT(F) 

Model 200 



$479.00 Delivered 



Model 210
Model 200 pump plus Model 904 connecting hose hook-up kit. 

Includes the following

Model 200 3:1 Ratio Pump

2' air supply hose 1/4 NPT

5' Medium Pressure 3/4" hose with 3/4" NPT male ends

One quick air coupler

 Model 210 


$549.00 Delivered


Other Oil Pump Models Available, 



 Portable Air Pressurized Dispensing Unit  

  • For Gear Lube, A.T.F. Motor Oil and other fluids. 

  • NO HAND PUMPING NECESSARY. No air pump necessary, fill from your air compressor. 

  • Ideal for service in the field, on the job site or for quick service outside of the shop. 

  • Tank has site gauge, air pressure gauge 6-1/2 gallon fluid capacity. 

  • Model 1320 has dispensing valve

  • Model 1322 has electronic metered handle 

  • Both have 2 inch diameter bung sized fill port with chained Cap, 5 foot long dispensing hose & Heavy Duty 5-1/2 inch rubber wheels. 

Model 1320 non-metered unit


Sale $579.00 Delivered


Model 1322 with electronic meter

List price $863.00

Sale $687.00 Delivered




Model 1400


Call 630-678-9010 

For Quote

Samson #1428 Medium Duty Hose Reel for OIL, A.T.F., Hydro oil. with 30 foot 1/2 in hose. Reel has a one wire braided hose (2000 PSI)

SAMSON REELS Web-page Link Click Here!

Samson #1854 Oxy-Acetylene 50 Foot Twin Hose Reel,

Call 630-678-9010 

For Quote

Oxy-Acetylene 25 Foot

Model 1852 


SAMSON REELS Web-page Link Click Here!


Dispensing System 

Model 454100

(was #262)

Complete dispensing system for all fluids, including gear lube (fits 55 gal. drum). 2:1 long stroke (4") PumpMaster-2 pump, curved outlet pipe with spring loaded valve. Shelf holds container. Perfect for use with synthetic formulas. Catches spills - drains back through filtered bung bushing into drum. Replaces dispensing bars, allows bulk dispensing from barrel.  

List price $750.00 

Sale price $635.00 


Model 1900 Dispensing valve with

Self-closing Spigot (attaches to Pumpmaster 2 either 1:1 or 3:1 pump)

$149.00 Delivered  


(Dispensing Valve Assembly Only, Pump Not Included)

Multi-fluid Dispenser Use with Gear Lube, ATF or any other type product. 

1011.jpg (5259 bytes)

Model 1011 with model 1304 

band dolly included!  


Standard duty hand operated, non-metered, multi-fluid dispenser for 16 gal. drum. Includes:
Model 1000: Hand operated pump with 

cover mounting adapter.
Model 1304: Four wheel band dolly.
Model 1936: Deluxe drum cover 

for 16 gal. drum.
Model 731210: 5’ fluid hose assembly 

with curved nozzle.

Drum NOT Included


$229.00 Delivered







Order Any Item By Phone

Call 630-678-9010 Between

9-AM and 5-PM Mon thru Fri

1/4 NPT Filler Faucet $49.00 Delivered 


For use with...

  • Windshield Washer Solvent

  • Anti-Freeze

  • Water



Samson 2 Year Factory Warranty on all Lubemaster, Pumpmaster & Reelmaster Equipment 




Grease Pump Kit

 Super Sale!


Samson PumpMaster SAMSON Model 303111



 Complete System 

120 lb keg unit 

55:1 PM3 pump, 

Cover & Follower Plate 

1/4” x 10’ hose 

Z swivel & control handle

1301 Two Wheeled Cart


$798.00 Delivered 


(Ships from Samson)

 Grease Pump Kit 

without Dolly 

Model 303101 

Pump Master 3 for 120 lb. drum


Model 964 Follower Plate

Model 302 - 55:1 ratio pump with cover mounting adapter

Model 1936 - Deluxe drum cover for 120 lb. drum

Model 871 - 10' high pressure grease hose ½'-27(f) both ends

Model 1115 - High pressure control handle with "z" swivel.


F.R.L. for Air Line 


NOTE! #1304 drum dolly not included but can be bought separately below

Call 630-678-9010 

For Quote


1304 Band Dolly

#1304 Drum Dolly $112.00 Delivered 



430000.jpg (697034 bytes)

1301 Two Wheeled Cart

For 120 Pound Drums





Model 302 Grease Pump

Replace your worn out pump

55:1 Pressure Ratio

For 120 Lb. Drum

 302 Replacement Pump for 120 Pound Drum


55:1 Grease Pump

 $595.00 Each Delivered





High Volume 

 Grease Pumps Below...

  Click This Link





If You Would Like Additional Information On Any Specific Product Or Service, Call  630-678-9010 between 9:00 AM & 3 PM (Central Time) weekdays and we will get your Quote or information to you ASAP!



Professional Air hose

50 Foot 3/8 inch I.D. High Volume Reinforced Rubber Air Hose Model 819 with Brass 1/4 NPTM ends. 

300 PSI working pressure

50 ft Air Hose

 $139.00 Delivered




Professional Air hose

30 Foot 1/2 inch I.D. High Volume Reinforced Rubber Air Hose Model 826 with brass 1/2 NPTM ends. 

300 PSI working pressure

30 ft Air Hose

 $129.00 Delivered


Samson Corporation

Meters, Pneumatic Piston or Diaphragm Pumps, Valves, Filters & Regulators, Replacement Hoses, Swivels and other parts and accessories.

Oxy-Acetylene Hose Reels for Truck or Shop mounting.

We also have a full line of Samson hand held manual grease guns and equipment to make your job easier, send us an e-mail with your questions or information request.


Samson 60:1 High Pressure Grease Gun  

Model 1233 Professional Duty 60:1 Air Operated Hand Held Grease Gun

  • High Pressure 60 to 1 ratio air motor combination bleeder & filler nipple

  • Multiple loading ability uses cartridges, bulk loading, etc.

  • Heavy duty rod, spring and follower

  • Curved outlet pipe and coupler with ball check and hardened jaws

  • Heavy duty barrel with large threads and "O" ring seal

  • Metallic baked finish

This 60:1 Grease Gun is for serious Mechanics.  It has the power to push grease through most clogged Zerk Fittings when others just can't do it. 

SALE PRICE $149.00 Delivered


Compact Grease Pump Kit 

301_101   Model 301101

(Grease Hose is Actually 10 feet long)


Pump Master for 35 lb. Pail
 55:1 pump w/ cover adapter.
 Deluxe pail cover with handle
 10' high pressure grease hose ½'-27(f)
 Control handle with "Z" swivel

F.R.L for air line
Quick air coupler ¼" NPTF.
 Quick air nipple ¼" NPTM.


Sale $719.00 Delivered

Call 630-678-9010 




 Order Any Item From Our Website Or By Phone, 

Call 630-678-9010

Between 9AM and 3PM

Mon thru Fri 








Compact Grease Pump Kit 




Model 301101

(Grease Hose is Actually 10 feet long)


Pump Master for 35 lb. Pail
 55:1 pump w/ adapter
 Deluxe pail cover with handle
 10' high pressure grease hose ½'-27(f)
Control handle with "Z" swivel

F.R.L for air line
Quick air coupler ¼" NPTF.
 Quick air nipple ¼" NPTM.

Sale $719.00 Delivered

Call 630-678-9010 



SAMSON Model 301111

Like above unit but has more!
Complete System (35 lb.)
Includes 301 + 962 (pail follower plate) + 1302 (pail dolly) + Air filter/Regulator  

Call 630-678-9010 For Quote


Samson Oil Meters

& Control Valves



Samson 363117

Oil Control Valve

Flex Hose with 1/4-Turn Non-Drip Nozzle


$145.00 Delivered  





Want a Meter that shuts itself off automatically at the preset quantity of oil?



$529.00 Delivered



The 2199 Electronic Preset Meter is designed specifically to meter and dispense bulk fluids for servicing automobiles, trucks, busses, construction equipment, and similar applications. The meter is lightweight, rugged and has a comfortable grip. The meter is designed specifically to dispense motor oils (S.A.E./5-50), gear oils (S.A.E. 80-240), automatic transmission fluid, antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) solution, and Hydraulic fluid.

A rugged, shock-resistant plastic cover similar to that used for power tools protects the meter.

The unit is programmed by the user to dispense in quarts, liters, pints, and gallons. You can program any unit of measure in a matter of seconds.  Shuts off flow when desired quantity is reached. A 5-digit liquid crystal display, accurate to the second decimal point, shows the exact amount of fluid dispensed. Uses 4 replaceable AAA batteries and is calibrated at the factory. The meter can also be recalibrated easily in the field.









Mod. No. 1986 Samson 1986

Hand Operated 5 Gallon

Gear Lube Pump 

Sale price $139.00 Delivered!




Order Any Item From Our Website or By Phone, Call 630-678-9010

Between 9AM and 3PM

Mon thru Fri 








 defaul1.jpg (3769 bytes)

Samson 1230 Grease Gun

Standard Series
• 40 to 1 ratio air motor
• Filler nipple for 3-way loading
• Air bleeder valve
• Curved outlet pipe and coupler
• Baked enamel & zinc plate finish

$89.00 Delivered



























CLICK HERE for additional page full of info on available CUBET Storage Tanks and Fluid Distribution Kit Styles & Options

Oil Storage TANKS & Distribution Kits  

CLICK HERE for additional page full of info on available CUBET Storage Tanks and Fluid Distribution Kit Styles & Options


FRL Filter Regulator & Lubricators


Call 630-678-9010 

For Quote

Air/Water Separator 

SAMSON Inline Professional Air Filter 


1/2 inch #978 $98.00


3/4 inch # 982 $128.00



Air Regulator

SAMSON Inline Professional Air Regulator & Gauge 

  1/4 Inch #970 $85.00

1/2 Inch #976 $98.00

3/4 Inch #980 $149.00







35 Pound 5 Gallon Pail of Castrol Chassis Grease 

$249.00 Delivered 

Castrol Pyroplex Blue 2 CASTROL PYROPLEX BLUE is the ultimate lubricant for very wet and performance challenging on and off highway environments. This unique multifunctional solid lubricant additive builds tack and adhesion when exposed to water saturated environments when performance is challenged in the presence of water and humidity. "Skins" and seals joints and other applications so grease is not washed away or washed out, giving better protection where most needed. 
CASTROL PYROPLEX BLUE not only resists softening and washing out, but grows in tack and adhesion with continued exposure. High temperature environments, the film strength is increased between metal surfaces, and the affinity for metal surfaces is enhanced. This produces a slippery physical barrier of protection.
This products enhanced load carrying ability is coupled with dramatic oxidative characteristics and high temperature structural stability for exceptional performance in heavily loaded bearings.


Also available!  1 pound  Grease Tubes

10 Pack Pyroplex Blue2

Grease Tubes 

$97.00 Delivered

Order Any Item From Our Website

Or By Phone, Call 630-678-9010

Between 9AM and 3PM

Mon thru Fri 




PumpMASTER, LubeMASTER, ReelMASTER EQUIPMENT, manufactured by SAMSON CORPORATION, is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 2 years (some products carry extended warranties, such as 5 years on electronic meters) from date of sale to original purchaser. SAMSON’s parts and labor liability is to repair or replace any part determined to be defective within the warranty period when returned freight prepaid to SAMSON Corporation or to a designated service center. (See General Limited Warranty statement)






Samson Pump, Reel & Valve Repair Kits

Part #   Description & Item Used On To Rebuild


Air Motor Kit for 2:1, 3:1 PM2 

$79.00 Delivered 




Throat Seal Kit for 2:1, 3:1 PM2, 8:1 PM4 

$79.00 Delivered




Lower End Kit for 3:1 PM2, 8:1 PM4

$53.00 Delivered




Air Motor Kit for 1:1 PM2 $63.00 Delivered

For Pumps with Serial Numbers Prior to 

& Including "09F"








Major Repair Kit Air Motor for 1:1 PM2 Samson Pumps with serial numbers 09G 

and higher 

$58.00 Delivered










Throat Seal/Lower End Pump Repair Kit for 1:1 PM2  

$69.00 Delivered

For Pumps with Serial Numbers Prior to 

& Including "09F"






Major Repair Kit Lower End for 1:1 PM2 Samson Pumps with serial numbers 09G 

and higher 

$178.00 Delivered











Air Motor Kit for 5:1, 8:1 PM4 

$108.00 Delivered




Throat Seal Kit for 2:1 PM2, 5:1 PM4

 $118.00 Delivered




Lower End Kit for 2:1 PM2, 5:1 PM4 

$58.00 Delivered




Air Motor Kit for 55:1 PM3 

$59.00 Delivered




Throat Seal Kit for 55:1 PM3 

$56.00 Delivered




Check Ball Kit for 55:1 PM3 

$49.00 Delivered




Foot Valve Kit for 55:1 PM3 

$65.00 Delivered




Hp Piston And Cylinder Kit for 55:1 PM3 

$97.00 Delivered




Air Motor Reversing Kit for 55:1, 10:1 PM6 

$135.00 Delivered




Air Motor Seal Kit for 55:1, 10:1 PM6 

$65.00 Delivered




Lower End Kit for 55:1 PM6 

$172.00 Delivered




Air Motor Kit for PM1

$69.00 Delivered




Liquid Packing Kit for PM1 

$69.00 Delivered


Fluid Section Kit PN75 for YAMADA 3/4 inch ports (buna) $169.00 Delivered



K25MN Fluid Section Kit PN100 for YAMADA 1 inch ports (buna) $219.00 Delivered



  Click image to see Samson Diaphragm Pump ID Chart 

with proper rebuild kit part numbers

Call 630-678-9060 for other kits available, have serial and model numbers ready.






Samson Reel Repair Kits



Brass Hub for 1400, 1650, 1750 





750202 Spring Cover/Latch Ring Kit for 1400, 1650  $54.00 Delivered 

Latch Pawl Kit for 1400 Series Samson Reels

Includes 850104 Latch, 942060 Washer, 

850301 Spring 








Latch Gear for 1400 Series Samson Reels










750208 Latch Side Arm Kit Upgrade for 1400 reels  $98.00 Delivered 





Latch Pawl Kit for 500 Series Reels

Includes Latch, Washer, Spring 


$48.00 Delivered 





Latch Pawl Kit for 7500 

Includes Latch, Washer,  Spring 




$48.00 Delivered 

Supply Port Swivels for Reels 



Low-Pressure or Medium Pressure 1/2 inch Swivel for 1400, 1600 & 1700 series reels

 $79.00 Delivered



High Pressure Grease 1/2 inch Swivel for 1400, 1600 & 1700 series reels

 $84.00 Delivered



Low-Pressure or Medium Pressure 3/4 inch Swivel for 7500 series reel

 $139.00 Delivered



Samson Control Handle Repair Kits



Med. Pressure Handle Seal kit, 1100, 2100 

$39.00 Delivered




Pistol Grip Assembly 2100 Series

 $144.00 Delivered




Grease Handle/Valve Repair Kit 

$105.00 Delivered



Samson Miscellaneous Kits

Pressure Valve Kit 1336, 1346 

$146.00 Delivered



Call 630-678-9010 for other kits available, 

have serial and model numbers ready.






Send Checks and Correspondence to our Home Office:


Smitty's Equipment Sales

1433 W. Fullerton Avenue, Unit G

Addison, IL. 60101




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